Staying in the loop

One of my favorite parts of being involved with a newly developing program is hearing people’s responses when they first hear about it! There is a real need and demand for more PA programs and it’s exciting to be a part of Elon’s new PA program.

We are working hard on all fronts of the program: the faculty have submitted a curriculum proposal and are in the process of gaining approval from the university; renovations of the Francis Center are well underway; and the online application for admission will be finalized in just a few days!

There are lots of ways to stay updated as things progress:

  • Schedule a one-on-one visit, Monday-Friday, at your convenience. You’ll spend about an hour meeting individually with an admissions counselor, touring the facility and meeting with a faculty member. To schedule a one-on-one visit, contact our office at (800) 334-8448 ext. 3 or (Note: the Francis Center opens in January!)
  • Join our mailing list.
  • Follow our Facebook fan page.
  • Check our website often,

You can also meet us on the road! We are nearing the end of travel season, but hope you’ll be able to stop by one of the last few fairs:


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