Admissions process

About this time last week, we officially launched our online application. While we did receive a small number of paper applications, we are expecting far more to be submitted electronically. (And we encourage the online submission!). We’re working diligently with our IT staff to make sure that the application is bug-free, but if you come across any issues – no matter how small – let us know so that we can fix them right away.

You may be wondering about the application process – once you submit it, what can you expect? And how does rolling admissions work? First we have to receive and process your application materials. This means all of the materials, including official GRE scores, transcripts from all institutions you have attended, and all 3 letters of recommendation. (Check out our complete admissions checklist). We process every application by hand – this includes confirming that the prerequisites have been completed, calculating an overall and a science GPA, and of course compiling all the materials. Once everything has been processed, our admissions committee will conduct an initial review of the application to determine if an interview will be offered.

Invitations to interview will be offered throughout the admissions cycle. Our goal is to start offering the first interview invitations to qualified applicants by the Thanksgiving holiday.  Right now, we have interview dates set aside in January and March. (Note that the interviews will be conducted in the newly renovated Francis Center, home of Elon’s School of Health Sciences!).

To comment on the rolling admissions process: this simply means that we process and review your application whenever it comes in. There are no stated application deadlines. However, it is definitely to your advantage to apply earlier than later because the interview dates will start to fill. Generally, we encourage candidates to apply as soon as they are most qualified. So, if you are finishing up the prerequisites this semester, then submit your application as soon as your fall grades are finalized. If you are waiting for your official GRE score report, then keep working on the rest of the application so that you can hit “submit” soon. You are welcome to send in materials piece by piece and we will start a file for you.

If you have any questions about your application or the application process, contact our Office of Graduate Admissions at (336) 278-7600 or


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