March Madness… Elon Style

Wow! It’s hard to believe the month of March is almost over. The past few weeks have felt like a whirlwind for our PA program – I’ll take a moment to catch you up on accreditation, interviews, and admissions events this month.

Our accreditation application was received by ARC-PA on March 1. The program was pleased to get the call confirming that all of the materials arrived safely and on time. What’s more is that, in true Elon fashion, ours was one of the most well-organized and nicest looking applications that ARC-PA has seen in a long time. Although Elon’s site visit isn’t until early May, the work is far from over. Today and tomorrow the PA program is hosting a consultant for a mock accreditation site visit which will further prepare us for the real deal in a couple of short months.

On the admissions front, we hosted what will likely be our final 2 interview days for this admissions cycle on March 12 and 16. Although we had tentatively set aside some May interview dates, it turns out that candidates are accepting our admissions offers at a higher rate than we originally planned for. As a result, our charter class for January 2013 is nearing capacity and we probably won’t open up the May interviews. The charter class profile is very strong- our candidates have a solid grounding in science and academic preparation as well as significant health care experience. Once the class is filled, we will compile the official class profile.

Over the weekend, we welcomed 80 guests to the Francis Center for our first PA program Open House. The event included a program overview, facility tour, admissions & financial planning session, and lots of time for Q&A. Our next Open House event will be this fall. Additionally, Elon’s PA program will be represented at the upcoming Health Careers Expo at universities across the state, including: NC State (3/26), UNC-Chapel Hill (3/27), Wake Forest University (3/28), and UNC-Charlotte/Davidson (3/29). Hope to see you there!

Finally, we are looking ahead to the next admissions cycle. Please keep an eye on our website ( over the coming months for additional information about interviews, deadlines, etc.


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