Off to a great start!

The 2nd floor halls of the Francis Center are now full of life, students, and an awful lot of medical knowledge. The 38 students who enrolled in Elon’s PA program this past January represent 10 different states and have health care hours averaging about 2,500 each. Their health care experience varies, such as EMT, athletic training, eye clinics, dentist offices, counseling/mental health, CNA/nursing and more.

In about 5 months’ time, Elon’s charter PA class has already completed the first module of coursework, ranging from introductory courses to HEENT, infectious disease, endocrinology, hematology, and pulmonary. (See the full course schedule). Module 2 opened with Cardiovascular on April 17.

Because Elon’s curriculum is systems-based, students spend time not only in a lecture setting, but also in small group rooms, the anatomy lab, fresh tissue lab, and clinical skills lab on a regular basis. They also spend a fair amount of time in the computer lab taking exams just about every week. Although the program keeps them very busy, they usually have a smile on their faces and always make the time to chat with prospective students when we walk by on a facility tour. (I’m sure Dr. Ragan’s homemade cookies help keep folks motivated.) What a great group to pave the way for Elon’s PA program!


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